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Fully Customized Self Adhesive Wax Seal Stickers with Your Own Artwork

These easy-to-use custom self adhesive wax seal stickers will save you tons of time from the repetitive task. Simply peel off the stickers at the back and place them directly onto your invitations, envelopes, gift packages or any other projects. Fully customizeable with your own artwork, from the simplest design to the most complicated crest, be it company logo, coat of arms, signature, family crest or even photos.

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZED: send us your own artwork, company logo or design;
  • 21 COLOR OPTIONS: Chinese Red, Blue, Gold Bronze, etc.
  • 4 SIZES: 25mm (1"), 30mm (1.18"), 35mm (1.38") and 40mm (1.57") in diameter.

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