5 Unconventional Shapes of Wax Seal Stamps

5 Unconventional Shapes of Wax Seal Stamps

Most wax seal stamps on the market are in their traditional shape - round. But do wax seal stamps have to be round? The answer is no. Here are 5 different shapes of wax seal stamps we have been tried and the results were stunning. 
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Most wax seal stamps on the market are in their traditional shape - round. But do wax seal stamps have to be round? The answer is no. Sometimes the design doesn't look good on the round stamp head. Sometimes a different shape can add more flavor to the design. This is when different shapes of wax seal stamps step in. They can be a very good complement for round wax seal stamp. Here are 5 different shapes of wax seal stamps we have been tried and the results were stunning. 

Square Wax Seal Stamp

Company logos are not necessarily round. Sometimes they are so "square“ that it looks awkward to squeeze them into the circle.

This is when square stamp head comes in. They fit perfectly for square shaped logo by making full use of every space of the stamp.

Square Wax Seal Stamp


Oval Wax Seal Stamp

There are two types of opal wax seaal stamp, one is regular opal, the other is closer to rectangle. Opal wax seal stamps are suitable for long and narrow logos, signature, and pure text designs that may look empty on the round stamp head. They will look more elegant in the opal frame instead.

Opal Wax Seal Stamp - Rose - AMZDeco.com

Opal Wax Seal Stamp - AMZDeco.com


Rectangle Wax Seal Stamp

Rectangle wax seal stamps are similar to opal ones, especially when the logo itself has a rectangle frame round it. This Penny Black inspired wax seal stamp is a good example when you should choose the rectangle stamp head.

Rectangle Wax Seal Stamp - Black Penny - AMZDeco.com


Heart-shaped Wax Seal Stamp

Everyone is using custom wax seals to add a personal touch to their wedding invitation and this special wax seal stamp can bring it to the next level. How cute it would be to have your and your beloved's initials over a true lover's knot in a heart shaped wax seal!

Heart Shaped 3D Relief Wax Seal Stamp

Custom Heart Shaped Wax Seal Stamp - AMZDeco.com


Shield-shaped Wax Seal Stamp

The shield-shaped wax seal stamp is inspired by Attack on Titan, a Japanese manga my sister loves. Though not a big fan of the manga myself, I did fall in love with the final products at first sight - the Military Police, the Training Corps, the Garrison, and the Survey Corps - a perfect reproduction of not only the design but also the shape of the emblem.

Shield Shaped Wax Seal Stamp - Attack on Titan - AMZDeco.com


Aren't these wax seals unconventionally amazing? They are one of my most eye catching collections. But before you go ahead and order a non-round wax seal stamp, there is one thing you should bear in mind: the irregular wax seal stamp can be a bit more difficult to use than the traditional ones, especially the heart and shield shaped ones. It takes some practice to find out how much wax needed and how wax flow but I'm sure you will get the hang of it.

All the shapes above are available at AMZDeco.com with different size options. Contact us to get more information! The shapes of wax seal stamps are not limited to the above ones. Tell us your ideas and we might make it real!