TatiMagic X AMZ Deco Medieval Designs Wax Seals

The Collaborative Creation: A Co-Designed Wax Seal Stamp with Artist Tatiana

We are excited to announce the launch of our new wax seal stamp: TatiMagic X AMZ Deco Medieval Designs Wax Seal Stamps! 
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We are excited to announce the launch of our new wax seal stamp: TatiMagic X AMZ Deco Medieval Designs Wax Seal Stamps! This stamp was designed by artist Tatiana for AMZ Deco, which includes three magical Medieval Era animal designs: a dragon, a raven, and a unicorn.

Medieval Designs Wax Seal Stamps
  • Designer Introduction

Tatiana, who has 7,886 followers on Instagram, is a popular freelance artist and designer with a magical-like style, from Midhurst, United Kingdom. She has created many artistic paintings featuring dreams, innocence, and fantasy. Nature and animals are the sources of her art creation and passion. More about her artwork can be found on her Instagram @tati_magic.art. This is her first attempt to form a partnership with wax seal stamp shops, combining painting art with wax seal art, designing and creating a series of unique, functional, and beautiful wax seal stamps for AMZ Deco.

  • Why You Should Try This Stamp

Inspired by the mystical creatures of the Medieval Era, these wax seal stamps are designed to add a touch of magic to your correspondence. We interviewed Tatiana about why she chose these three animals and what are the meanings behind them. Here's how she explains her design inspirations.

"Medieval art contains a lot of symbolism, so I designed a dragon to symbolize strength and new beginnings, the raven for guidance, and a royal unicorn to represent luck and prosperity (it was believed seeing a Unicorn was the ultimate blessing!).



I also chose these particular magical creatures as they feature very often in Medieval art, myths and legends :)"

She hopes to bring happiness and hope to modern people through these three designs with medieval elements, and the wide use and durability of wax seal stamps make her artwork be preserved for a long time.

Our wax seal stamps feature a high-quality solid brass stamp head with delicate design details. Each wax seal stamp head is polished to glossy nearly the same as a mirror surface. Undergone multiple rigorous gold plating processes, they are more durable and less prone to oxidation. The motif on the wax stamp head is moderate in depth, and the printed artwork is smooth and clear. The handle materials we choose are all carefully selected natural beech wood handles, and the surface is polished and smoothed by multiple processes, which not only has a delicate touch but also retains the unique wooden texture of each handle.

But the benefits of our wax seal stamps go beyond their appearance. The Medieval Designs Wax Seal Stamps can be used in decoration on diaries, scrapbooks, junk journals, travel journals, greeting cards, gift tags, invitations, envelopes, and more, which is sure to make a rapid impression. Besides, it's a practical and distinctive gift for craft lovers.

  • Thanks to Tatiana

At last, we faithfully thank Tatiana for designing 3 wax seal stamps, perfect greeting cards, and a series of works posted on social media platforms for us. She has been very patient and careful during the cooperation process, and finally produced perfect work that exceeded our expectations. She is truly a gifted artist and a perfect partner. We are looking forward to seeing more of her work!

If you are interested in collaborating on the design of wax seal stamps or other products, you can contact us via email at amelia@amzdeco.com.