AMZ Deco Wax Seal Release Agent Pad
AMZ Deco Wax Seal Non Stick Release Agent Pad
AMZ Deco Non-Stick Case Lube Pad for Wax Sealing

Wax Seal Release Agent Pad

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This pad is moistened with a special non-stick release agent that prevents the stamp sticking to the sealing wax. It's a must-have for stamping multiple wax seals and getting clear releases!

◎SIZE: 82x82x24mm or 3.2x3.2x1"

How It Works

  1. Dab the stamp on the release agent pad to moisturize the head surface and side。
  2. Press the stamp firmly into the melted wax, wait for 10 to 15 few seconds before lifting it back out.
  3. You can make 3 to 5 wax seals before moisturizing the stamp head with release agent again.