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AMZ Deco Forest Green Flexible Glue Gun Sealing Wax Stick
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Forest Green Glue Gun Sealing Wax Stick

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If you're planning to seal dozens of invitations, then using a sealing wax glue gun with sealing wax sticks is the quickest, cleanest and most efficient method.

◎FOREST GREEN: a very dark shade of green-cyan with a faint glitter finish, great to incorporate into forest and garden wedding color palettes;

◎FLEXIBLE & MAILABLE: durable enough to survive mailing;

◎FAST & EASY to use; no flame required;

◎Ideal for creating a large volume of seals at once;

◎Measures 13.5cm / 5.3" in length and 1cm / 0.4" in diameter;

◎One wax stick will create approximately 8 seals with a 25mm / 1" wax stamp, 6 seals with a 30mm / 1.2" wax stamp.

◎Not your color? We offer glue gun sealing wax sticks in 66 colors!

◎The price includes one sealing wax stick in the color of your choice only. Glue gun and electric sealing wax melting pot needs to be bought separately.

How It Works:

◎Insert 2 wax sticks into the glue gun.

◎Heat up the glue gun with the wax inside for about 5-8 minutes.

◎Pull the trigger to release the desired amount of wax onto your project and wait for 5 to 10 seconds.

◎Press down the stamp on the hot wax.

◎Let the stamp set for a few seconds before lifting from the wax.

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The color is amazing and the quality is so gooood