Custom Wax Seal Heads

Artwork Guide for Custom Wax Seal Stamps

We can make custom wax seal stamps with almost any pictures including company logos, brands, family crests, signatures, and even portrait photos! Well,  what is the ideal picture for wax seal stamp?

I always get asked "Hey, can you make a wax seal stamp with my business logo?" or "Can I send you my picture to see if it's possible to make a wax seal stamp with it?" The answer is Yes and Yes. We can make custom wax seal stamps with almost any pictures including company logos, brands, family crests, signatures, and even portrait photos!

But quality of your pictures may affect the final product of the wax seal and the production time. A picture of poor quality may takes longer for communication and redesigning. Therefore I'm going to explain to you what is the ideal picture for wax seal stamp. If your picture is far from perfect, don't worry, there are still things you can do to help us reproduct the image on the wax.



We are very flexiable on the file formats, from popular formats like *.AI, *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.PNG, *.PDF. to rare ones like *.afdesign and *.indd.



Unless your picture is extremely simple like a solid star or heart, please provide us at least a picture of 300 x 300px pixels.



Production Ready Artwork

The ideal artwork are "production ready" ones, meaning that almost no alteration, simplification or converesion are needed before the engraving process. A production ready artwork can best reflect what you are looking for. It should meet the following criteria besides the size and format ones:
  • Single color in black and white. The black part should be the part being raised when pressed on the wax.
  • Crisp and clean lines
  • No shadows or shadings
  • Legible text
  • No reverse. The image should be how it would look like on the wax. We will reverse when engraving it on the stamp head.

Here are some examples of production ready artwork and their results on the wax.
Bee Wax Seal StampQueen Bee Wax Seal StampPersonalized Wax Seal Stamp


Non Production Ready Artwork

Not everyone is an artist. It's OK if your artwork is less than perfect, because we are here to help! Our artist can not only help you converse your artwork to the "production ready" format but also make adjustment per your request including but not limited to addition of text, removal of unwanted part, replacement of certain elements.

Fully Customized Wax Seal Stamp with Your Own Artwork

Simply upload what you have got (if any) like a pencil draft, a similar wax seal you found online, an elements you would like use in the design, etc, for our reference, and write in the note field your other requirements, for example:

  • If you need to remove/add/move around any elements
  • If any part of the picture can be simplified if nesscessary
  • If you don't want any part of the pictureto be simplified
  • If you only want part of the picture to in the wax seal stamp


If you don't have a picture yet...

We can still do it! Describe in the note field what you are looking for, and we will come up with something for you! You can also check out our wedding custom wax seal stamps to get inspired. We have got over 80 predesigned templates of different styles.

Last but not lease, please leave your email address if you have a fully custom logo wax seal stamp in your order. We will send you the draft design for approval by email within 48 working hours. Unlimited revisions can be provided until you are satisfied with the design.

I hope this answers all your questions about the fully custom wax seal stamp. Tell us in the comment sections if you find anything unclear or need to know more.